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Image by Clark Tibbs
Image by Dakota Corbin


Chilliwack Community Arts Council Board Member Recruitment
Chilliwack Community Arts council is seeking new active volunteer board member to add to a great team of individuals who have passion for adding art and opportunities for artists to our community.


Looking to be involved with the Chilliwack arts community? We have upcoming fun events and appreciate all the help from our amazing community. If you have time to help and meet some great local people who are passionate about creating art opportunities in our city, we would love to hear from you. Thanks you for your continued support to the Chilliwack arts community.

Chilliwack Community Arts Council Annual AGM

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Ch’illiwack Community Arts Council

September 13 2023


Notice of the Annual General Meeting of The Ch’illiwack Community Arts Council

Dear member, 

Notice is hereby given that the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the members of The Ch’illiwack Community Arts Council will be held in Performance Studio A/B at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre on September 13 2023 at 6:00pm to transact the following business: 


As Ordinary BusinessAs Special Business​

To *adopt/ receive Directors’ Statement, Audited Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report for Financial Year ended on December 31 2022


To *adopt/ receive Annual Report for Financial Year ended on December 31 2022



As Special Business​



The Board of Directors is proposing that Bylaw 4.4 be amended by special resolution to be voted on at the Annual General Meeting as follows:


  • 4.4(a) - Directors, if they wish to request the same, may continue with the Board for up to two (2) additional years to primarily assist with Board transitions and continuity;


  • 4.4(b) - No Director may hold the same title position for more than four (4) consecutive years.


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